Portfolio & Automation = more time shooting :-)

That sound like a neat new integration from Adobe, need to give it a try and see how it compares to my current zenfolio web site which is as well “automatically” feeded by collections using a LR publishing plug-in .

More to come, but choices never hurt  …

Automatic LR portfolios




Which new Iphone is the right one for a photographer ?

Yes I know, any new iphone is always the best of the world during the hype phase and delivers some disappointement after the annoucement. So this year we have now 3 new models and for photographers the choice will be between the X and the 8 plus (the normal 8 is a no go for me as I got used to the big screen and like the 2 lens portrait bokeh function).

The very good news is that the backside (=main) lens & photo capabilities on both X and 8 plus seem to be the same. The only difference is in the front side camera modul & for sure the OLED screen. As I have no need for an AI Snapshat Selfie cam … I think I will save a good chunk of change and focus on the 8 plus 🙂

The first reviews on quality & functions for the camera part of this TELEPHONE in SLR Lounge speak for the general trend: ‘ a list of features pretty much encompasses every feature you’d expect from a dedicated, albeit average, point and shoot.  Really, you’d have to go the range of the Sony RX100 to truly outclass this as an everyday’

Having a Sony RX 100 III and just love the quality that is a very bold statement, so I can’t wait to compare my trusted sony against the new apple camera module & lens.

And on top of the hardware apple even enhanced the specific photography functions to ” to interface with your images in a way you just can’t with a dedicated camera, and the computational photographic ability is where the iPhone X/8 starts to pull away from the P&S crowd, and that’s also where we may find what’s coming in photography at large, even on the professional end. They did it first with Portrait Mode, and having felt comfortable in its success, have turned to something a bit more dear to the photographer’s heart: lighting.”

More details for photographers on both X and 8 in the link below

Are the new iphones the future of photography


Instagram as Photo Travel Guide

We will travel for a long Weekend to Lisbon soon and Instagram is just perfect for my location scouting preparation. Just added the top 3 Instagram sources for this city to my feed for the next months, this will help big time to spot places I want to see & photograph:



Another option is to use specific location scouting apps on your phone like SPOTR or STREETOGRAPHY. And of course the swiss knife of travel photography will be with me, the trusted Photopills to plan the golden hours at some nice location spots.

What is your pick for travel and preparation to make the best out of a short trip ?

Iphone autoimport without Lightroom duplication finally !

I am not usuing Lightroom mobile for edits on my iphone 6plus (no raw), but was very interessted to have the lighroom mobile autoimport function … shooting iphone photos showing up automatically in LR on the laptop. But Adobe’s implementation has a big BUT… you need to copy each photo into lightroom = hence taking double storing space on my 64 GB only iphone. No way … until I found a better & even faster way using dropbox without making a copy of each photo:

  1. Switch on the Auto Camera store in dropbox function on the iphone
  2. Set your lightroom auto import to the dropbox camera folder on the laptop

You are all set … the iphone is copying your photos into a specific dropbox camera folder anytime when there is wireless data connection & the laptop autoimport into Lightroom whenever WIFI is on !

Can’t be simpler and it is even way faster then syncing over the Adobe cloud. Detailed for the LR autoimport attached, give it a try 🙂

LR Autoimport

How many Photos until you become “good” ?

Henri Cartier-Bresson set the bar with his famous quote “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” But the price of learning is nowerdays a lot cheaper with digital as 10000 images shot on 35mm film is the equivalent of nearly 300 rolls of 36 exposure film and its incumbent expense. Today, shooting jpeg on a 16mp camera, that would fit on one 64gb SD Card. But the overall point is still valid & covered in a good article below:

Same Photo … very different Insta likes :-(

I am not too visible in Instagram as I do photography for fun only, but sometimes I wonder how some photos get all these big number of likes . I guess it is all about the mystery of choosing the right hashtag ? Below two comparisions with my photos done three or more years prior to a very similar photo I just found this week. Some stats:

1) Photo left: 1661 likes vs 6 likes (mine to the right)
2) Photo left: 1447 likes vs 47 likes (mine to the right)


Guess I just need to try harder, post more often & crack the magic hashtag 🙂