How Technology and the Internet Weren’t Necessarily Good for Photography

We generally think of technology and the Internet as a good thing for photography: digital cameras continue to make more things possible at a higher quality than ever, and the Internet makes the dissemination of one’s work both easier and vastly more widespread than ever. Nonetheless, it’s not all positive, and this interesting interview takes an honest look at how things have changed.

Coming to you from L2inc, this great video features an interview with Rick Smolan. Smolan is a photojournalist who has worked with Time, Life, National Geographic, and more and is currently the CEO of Against All Odds Productions. He also recently released "The Good Fight: America’s Ongoing Struggle for Justice." Having worked as a photojournalist in the film era, he has a very interesting perspective on how technology has changed the landscape for photographers. While ultra-connectivity has certainly made aspects of a photojournalist’s job easier, the financial viability of the profession has eroded. As Host Scott Galloway points out, it seems that the inherent value of such imagery has gradually been siphoned from the photographer to the platforms that distribute it. The interview is pretty enlightening and a great watch.

You can buy "The Good Fight: America’s Ongoing Struggle for Justice" here.

via Fstoppers


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