Real World Test Nikon Z7

One of the first real world test of the new Nikon mirrorless. The future looks quite good on all points important to me looking for a Z6: Autofocus, Adapter, EVF, Low ISO and this typical Nikon use & feel for big hands like mine 🙂
“What truly surprised me, was how the Z7 feels: like a DSLR. Nikon’s ergonomics are unrivaled, and with the Z7 it’s no different.”
“So this adapter does two things: it converts the Z-mount into an F-mount, and it increases the flange distance to that of a DSLR. This also means that no glass is needed inside the adapter, unlike a TC. Understanding this, it makes perfect sense that there is no loss of quality or performance when using my F-mount lenses on the Z7.”
“From my limited experience with this camera and the large variety of lenses I have used, I can say that the image quality is superb. All my F-mount lenses performed just as good as on my DSLRs, and some of them got VR as a bonus via the FTZ-adapter (AF-S 14-24/2.8 VR!). “

AI helps in post production

I just love the help from #AI in otherwise cumbersome & long post production! #Adobe supercharges #Photoshop’s content-aware fill so you have more options, fewer AI fails.