AI is not ready to be your photographer

Settings are one thing, but you can’t replace human creativity: #Google Clips review: #AI is not ready to be your photographer #photography


I’m Not Really a Photographer: I’m Actually an IT Guy :)

Well… I am a geek so I actually like it, but there as well other views like in below article:

“I genuinely think that being part IT specialist has become fundamental in being a photographer: the technology has advanced so far and it’s much more capable due to computers, chips, processors, and innovations. But also, it just takes time away from shooting photos. I mean, that’s the reason why you bought the camera and the lens in the first place, right? Some people don’t even update their phone’s apps all the time but they’re more likely to do that vs updating their camera’s firmware. So with all this technology built in and Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. I really start to wonder why cameras these days cannot be activated to download the firmware themselves and update it per the lens and camera. I mean, wouldn’t it just make sense to add a little thing to the menu that checks your firmware and ensures that it works? Further, it would give you the option of updating or not rather than forcing it?”

More here on all the IT checklists a modern photographer need to run before a gig:


Day & Night in one photo

I was a bit disappointed by this years Paris Photo, the very good photos were the classic ones already seen often. For the new photos just a few are really good or innovative concepts. Some photographers seem to think that as long as it is printed big it is ART !!! But one series was really outstanding for me and creating a concept of photography which was completely new to me: Stephen Wilkes with his series of time passing in a single photo. Very innovative and a great realization, very worthwile to check it out: